Gavin Gillison Contributes to Birmingham Business Journal with Insights into Wealth Management

Written on April 7, 2020

Waverly Advisor’s own Gavin Gillison, CFP® was featured in the Birmingham Business Journal’s “Wealth Management: Table of Experts Series” published in early March in which he offered his expertise on common topics surrounding financial planning and wealth management*. The “Table of Experts Series” is a popular segment of the Birmingham Business Journal that asks Birmingham professionals pertinent questions about their areas of specialization.

In the article, Gavin weighed in on topics relevant to the current financial planning climate, including what changes he predicts for financial planning in 2020, what questions to ask before choosing a wealth manager and the potential economic slowdown’s effect on wealth management.  Gavin also spoke to Waverly Advisor’s philosophy behind maximizing clients’ wealth in the Business Journal’s piece:

“As a fiduciary, we put our clients’ needs and interests first. Our comprehensive approach blends investment management with tax, estate and financial planning services. Our goal is to have strong relationships with our clients so we can develop a financial plan that reflects what is most important to them. The purpose of that plan is to help our clients accomplish their goals and maximize their wealth for future generations.” Gavin Gillison joined Waverly Advisors in 2012 and serves as a Financial Planner and Client Consultant. His primary responsibilities include coordinating and interacting with clients concerning various financial matters, such as retirement planning and investment management. Gavin is a Certified Financial Planner®, and a member of the Financial Planning Association of North Alabama.

Click here to read the “2020 Insights into Wealth Management” in its entirety. If you would like to learn more about the financial planning and wealth management services that Gavin and other Waverly Advisors advisors offer, please contact us.

*Please note: Our Firm submitted Gavin’s responses to the Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ) in February 2020 in response to this Table of Experts series. At that time, the economic impacts of COVID-19 were not yet known, nor had those impacts begun to take full effect on the Birmingham workforce, economy and families. Therefore, our responses were indicative of the economic and market situations at that time. Please reach out to your advisor if you have questions about your specific situation.


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