The best academic institutions, religious foundations and community grant makers have a noble purpose, clear charter, passionate leadership and a trusted advisor to ensure their ongoing strength.

Expect us to provide you with a custom investment plan, board education, investment policy analysis, spending analysis and governance review, all while minimizing expenses and risks. We will make administration easier by assisting with check writing, director compensation issues and providing support for grant and unique filing requirements.

We provide all the reports needed for foundations and endowments, along with donor advised funds. Monthly, quarterly or annual donor statements and letters, complete with allocation of gains/losses, income and fees, are provided.

Waverly Advisors provides cash management solutions and planning to help you meet your short-term liquidity needs. Our primary custodian, Bank of New York/Pershing, offers a choice of 140 different sweep-eligible money market mutual funds including:

  • Government
  • Treasury
  • Prime
  • Municipal (both general and state specific)
  • Tax advantaged
  • United States Dollar (U.S.D.) offshore
  • FDIC-insured bank deposits

We also construct short and intermediate-term bond portfolios for clients desiring additional return for their operating cash accounts. Portfolios are constructed in accordance with specific targets of quality, income, time horizon and interest rate risk.

Custody and safekeeping are very important to institutions. We have preferred relationships with Pershing LLC (a subsidiary of BNY Mellon), Charles Schwab, and Fidelity but can work with most custodians in the country.

  • Investment policy review
  • Spending policy analysis
  • Asset allocation
  • Discretionary and Non-discretionary portfolio management
  • Portfolio construction
  • Manager searches and due diligence
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Performance reporting

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