Waverly Advisor’s Market Commentary is Featured by WealthManagement.com

Written on August 22, 2019

Today, WealthManagement.com highlighted market commentary from Waverly Advisor’s team by including it in its 2019 Midyear Outlook featured section of content.

WealthManagement.com is a website that provides “information, editorial insight, and analysis to assist [financial advisors and wealth professionals] in their client activities to improve practice management and gathering of assets.”

The featured commentary from Waverly Advisors, authored by Joshua Miller, CFA, CPA, CIPM, offers the Firm’s perspective about recent market and economic activity in order to shed light on what investors might expect in the near future.

“It’s an honor to partner with WealthManagement.com,” Joshua Miller said. “Our firm’s goal in participating in this feature is to share helpful financial guidance with investors. I hope that those who read the Outlook feature not only benefit from each of the contributors’ insights, but also enjoy the content.”

Joshua Miller, a Senior Investment Analyst with Waverly Advisors, is experienced in advanced, globally relevant and practice-based investment performance and risk evaluations.

In the piece featured by WealthManagement.com, Miller notes, “The future of the markets is uncertain as always, but one thing remains constant: for those who have invested in a diversified portfolio and have worked to reach an appropriate risk allocation, we believe they have little reason to worry. Markets go up and down in the short-term, but have stood through much more perilous times than these. In times of high volatility, the patient investor comes out on top.”

To learn more about Joshua Miller or to contact him directly, click here. You can view his commentary in the full Midyear Outlook feature here.


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