We have a new name, Waverly Advisors

Formerly known as WA Asset Management, we have refreshed our brand to represent what we stand for.


When separating from Warren Averett we selected a simple and effective name in WA Asset Management.  As the firm grew, our identity evolved, and so the need for a fresh brand. While we didn’t want to wander to far from what our clients were used to, we decided to maintain our WA abbreviation, creating Waverly Advisors.


Why Waverly?

Waverly is defined as a meadow of quaking aspen trees. Aspens are unique for a few reasons. First, they are the most widely spread tree in North America. Also, a stand of Aspen trees is actually a single organism joined by a labyrinth of roots. This root system can establish and spread over decades before a single trunk appears above the surface.  Waverly Advisors has been cultivating its root system since 1999. As we embark on a new chapter of growth for our company, we embrace our roots while also looking forward to the future. We will continue to grow as long as it deepens our expertise and service to our clients and provides opportunities for our team.


Waverly will maintain its ongoing M&A-focused growth initiatives, particularly aimed at wealth management firms with a CPA orientation.  The firm continues to be intentional in its growth by selectively expanding into new parts of the U.S., adding highly skilled individuals who align with the firm’s core values.

The growth of our team and the strengthening of our firm, aligns perfectly with the name we chose for the company and the metaphor it represents.


Our retirement plan services branded as 401k Complete will only experience a corporate color refresh.  Our company name may have changed, but the people you’ve come to know and trust have not, our core values remain the same.