Waverly Advisors – Wealth Management Firm Serving Mobile

Waverly Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and fee-only fiduciary, offering comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services.

Our financial advisors in Mobile provide tailored wealth management and financial planning services to clients.  Waverly’s Mobile team understands that, in order to effectively achieve their financial goals, our clients need the right fit and support in a wealth management company. We strive to provide our clients with the support and guidance that they need to accomplish what’s important to them.

We are proud to be members of the Mobile community.

Meet our Mobile Team

James E. Sandifer, CFP®
Partner, Wealth Advisor
Marc D. Salyers, CFP®
Partner, Wealth Advisor
Lee Lawshe
Senior Client Service Associate
Amber Parish
Executive Assistant

Waverly Advisor’s Mobile, AL team is composed of financial advisors who are credentialed professionals dedicated to their clients’ success. Our Mobile team maintains connections with relevant professional organizations and holds designations such as Certified Financial Planner.

In addition to their professional credentials and accomplishments, our team of asset management professionals is committed to their community, clients and the success of both.

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Our team of certified financial advisors and wealth management professionals offers comprehensive services in five main areas:

Private Client Services

Blending tax, estate, financial planning services and investment management, our team of certified financial advisors provides clients a comprehensive wealth management solution that is designed to meet their individual goals. In tailoring our services to help you thrive, our financial advisors:

  • Gain a full knowledge of your financial and personal goals;
  • Communicate regularly and provide needed updates; and
  • Approach investing in a manner driven by data.

Family Office Services

Protecting your wealth is crucial for providing a legacy for your family. Our wealth management professionals and financial advisors can help your family design a financial plan with lasting impact. With your family’s financial goals and future objectives in mind, our wealth management team can provide comprehensive risk management, asset management, estate, tax, philanthropic planning, cash flow planning and more.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Waverly Advisors offers corporate retirement plan solutions through 401(k) Complete, a comprehensive retirement plan solution that includes:

  • Administration services
  • Recordkeeping services
  • Investment management

Waverly Advisors makes financial planning for retirement simple by providing a spectrum of business retirement plan services.

Institutional Consulting

Waverly Advisors offers the support institutions need to ensure ongoing strength and minimize risks. Waverly Advisors can provide institutions, such as religious foundations, academic institutions and community grant makers, with:

  • Board education
  • Investment policy analysis
  • Spending analysis
  • Investment planning
  • Governance review
  • All required reporting
  • Cash management solutions
  • Short and intermediate-term bond portfolios
  • Portfolios constructed with specific targets in mind
  • Preferred relationships for custody and safekeeping


Mobile Fee Only Financial Advisors

Waverly Advisor’s investment management team is dedicated to providing our clients with an independent and comprehensive asset management service. Waverly Advisors is a fee only financial advisor, which means that our Mobile wealth management team is 100% independent, free from quotas, fund restrictions and proprietary products. Because of Waverly Advisors’ fee only status, every financial solution that is put into place for our clients is designed to serve their best interests.

At Waverly Advisors, our team of financial advisors understands that wealth management isn’t just about numbers. That’s why our team is committed to not only understanding data and trends; they’re committed to understanding you.

Our customized wealth management solutions are designed for our clients with their specific goals in mind because our advisors are dedicated to helping them thrive. At the end of the day, our mission and promise is to help you accomplish what’s most important to you. You have goals that are unique to you and your family. Our team believes that your financial planning should reflect that, and they are committed to helping you see those goals become reality. We believe that no one else will root harder for you than the financial advisors and wealth management professionals at Waverly Advisors.

Waverly Advisors, LLC

For more information contact our Mobile advisors at 251.340.1984.